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Onderwijsaanbieder: SkillsLab & SimulationCenter

Our Simulation Centre features interactive human and computer-based simulation. Our Simulation Centre is a multi-professional training facility and provides training for doctors and other healthcare professionals.

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The Simulation Centre of the Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam was founded in the beginning of 2008 and is located in the operation section in the Skillslab of the Desiderius School. Simulation places trainees in life-like situations that provide immediate feedback about clinical decisions and actions. A sophisticated, life-size dummy which breathes, blinks, moves and talks is the centerpiece of the Medical Simulation.The centre utilises a full-scale human patient simulators and task trainers at its disposal. Using high technology the simulators can be programmed to mimic different medical conditions. It then replicates the appropriate physical response to particular interventions and drugs. Real monitors display the ’patient‘s’ vital signs so participants can assess the patient’s progress – as they would in a real-life situation.


Training scenarios are reflected during debriefing which is facilitated by a faculty of experienced staff. The simulators provide the closest situation to the real thing without any risk to patients or learners, so that healthcare professionals can rehearse management of both routine and less common, life-threatening, events. All courses are designed and delivered by a faculty including experts in simulation and appropriate subject matter experts to ensure learning objectives are appropriate to the groups for whom courses are designed. Learning objectives are mapped to curricula or knowledge, skills frameworks where available.

Waarom bij het Erasmus MC

Our Simulation Centre features interactive human and computer-based simulation. This exciting relatively new technology is at the forefront of every level of medical education and patient care. Our Simulation Centre is a state-of the-art multi-professional training facility and provides training for doctors and other healthcare professionals each year through a variety of courses.

Praktische informatie

Veelgestelde vragen

Where will the training take place?

The training will take place at the SkillsLab of Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, faculty building, 1st floor, room ee-120 (reception) ! Detailed information "Contact & Accessibility"

When will the training begin and when will it end?

If not indicated differently, the training will begin at 8 a.m. and last until 5 p.m. This is a long day. Will there any food be provided throughout the day. Yes, there will be free snacks and drinks and even a lunch will be prepared. Free of charge!

What do I have to bring along?

Internal learners will be asked to bring a green OR clothing and shoes. Beside this, it is recommendable to bring a stethoscope as well. For external learners from other institutions than Erasmus MC, there will be OR clothing provided in the course. Please do not forget to bring comfortable shoes. It will be a long day.

How can I register for a simulation workshop?

You can register via this website. Please do not forget to enter your BIG number for accreditation.

Is simulation training mandatory for health care providers?

Only for anesthesia residents it is mandatory to take part in a simulation session once a year.

Are the simulation courses accredited regarding continuous medical education programs?

Yes, they are. You will get 6 CME credits per day for most of our simulation courses. The workshops are mostly accredited by the Dutch Association of Anesthesiologists (NVA)!

How can I prepare such a simulation training

You can prepare and downloading and reading the literature on this website (see download center). Further course material will be provided either by mail or at the beginning of the workshop!

How can I give feedback about the course?

You will be asked to give a verbal feedback at the end of the course. But, please, do not forget to evaluate the course electronically as well via the link .

Should I be able to fly an airplane before participation in the workshop?

Not really but it can not be harmful.

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