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Modular Curriculum Anaesthesia Related Emergencies (mCARE)

Onderwijsaanbieder: SkillsLab & SimulationCenter
Onderwijsvorm: Klassikaal

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According to the 2017 report of NIVEL and EMGO+ 1035 people die from medical errors in the Netherlands within one year. Many more are damaged by medical errors. Many of these outcomes are not due to inadequate medical knowledge but to problems in transforming that knowledge into meaningful clinical actions under the real world conditions of patient care.

In complex working systems like anesthesia decisions have to be made under conditions of uncertainty and time pressure. Up to 70% of all errors can be attributed to human factors. It is time to adopt strategies to prevent those human errors harming patients.

Crisis Resource Management
One way of reducing human factor errors is the Crisis Resource Management (CRM) concept. CRM was introduced in aviation and has proved successful in many other working environments such as medicine. CRM aims to coordinate, utilise and apply all available resources to optimise patient safety and outcomes. CRM is about prevention, capturing errors as soon as possible and minimizing the negative consequences of errors which have already occurred.

During our modular learner-centered simulation based CRM curriculum the attendee will experience multiple ‘ simulated clinical situations’ in which CRM principles are to be applied and to be reflected on.

Learning Objectives
At completion of the curriculum, the learner actively integrates the key principles of CRM (Communication, Teamwork, Task management, Situation awareness), into her/his decision making process in non-critical and critical clinical situation to improve patient safety.


  • 15 key principles of CRM
  • 10 seconds for 10 minutes principle
  • FOR-DEC principle

Target group: Erasmus MC anaesthesia residents  
Course fee: No registration fee has to be paid for Erasmus MC anaesthesia residents
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