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The Dutch Wrist Arthroscopy Course (DWAC) (SkillsLab)

Duur: 16 uur
Onderwijsaanbieder: SkillsLab & SimulationCenter
Onderwijsvorm: Klassikaal
Categorieën : Vakinhoudelijk handelen

Over deze opleiding


Learning Objectives
This course has a tradition to invite speakers who are known experts in their field. We will focus on different aspects of wrist arthroscopy and on endoscopic cubital tunnel decompression. We hope that the presented lectures and demonstrations will help you to improve your care of complex wrist pathology and ulnar nerve compression at the elbow.

Ligament reconstruction

  • TFCC: capsular repair, fovea reattachement (inside-out & outside-in)
  • Scaphoid-lunate ligament reconstruction

Resection procedures

  • Radial styloid resection
  • Arthroscopic Wafer procedure
  • Arthroscopic ganglion excision

Basal joint surgery

  • Hemitrapeziectomy
  • Tissue interposition

Endoscopic cubinal tunnel release

“See the wrist joint as never before.....”

Participants: 24
Date:  4 & 5 October 2024
Course fee: € 1490,--
More information: Dutch Wrist Arthroscopy | DWAC


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Praktische informatie


vrijdag 4 oktober 2024 08:00:00 - zaterdag 5 oktober 2024 16:30:00
Beschikbare plaats(en): 20


De kosten bedragen € 1.490,00

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