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History of the hospital

From 1840 to the present moment.

1840: The man who was commissioned to design Rotterdam's first hospital - the Groote (large) or Coolsingel Hospital - was City Architect Willem Nicolaas Rose (1801-1877). Because of problems during construction, the building was not completed until eleven years later.


The Coolsingel Hospital, around 1845 

1848: The first Hospital Director was the local physician Jan Bastiaan Molewater (1813-1864).

1940: In May, the Coolsingel Hospital was hit by four bombs and caught fire almost immediately. Most of it was destroyed.

1950: The Rotterdamsche Bank (now ABN/AMRO) was built on the site of the former hospital. Due to sufficient hospital facilities elsewhere in the city, the construction of a modern hospital at the Hoboken site was not too pressing an issue.

1961: On September 18, the Dijkzigt Hospital came into service. It owes its name to the neighborhood it was situated in.

1965: In May it was decided that Rotterdam was the best place to establish a seventh Dutch medical faculty with accompanying academic hospital. The Dijkzigt hospital, then in service for four years, underwent a thorough renovation, because a university hospital has different requirements than a community hospital.

1967: The Dijkzigt University Medical Center was established.

1971: On May 1, the merger between the Dijkzigt Community Hospital and the Sophia Children's Hospital was the start of the Academic Hospital Rotterdam (AHR).

1993: The oldest pediatric hospital of the Netherlands was housed in a modern building at the Hoboken complex, where the medical faculty and the Dijkzigt Hospital were already situated. A footbridge connects both hospitals and the medical faculty.

1995: The leading oncology institute Daniel den Hoed became the AZR's third partner.

1998: On 7 October, the Dean of the medical faculty and the Boards of Governors of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the AZR announced their intention to work collectively on the creation of the Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam.

2002: The new organization, Erasmus MC, was born on 1 June. 

Sophia Children's Hospital celebrating its centenary.