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Mission and strategy

The strategic vision for 2018.

Erasmus MC Visibly Better

Healthy population and excellent healthcare. This is what Erasmus MC stands for. Conducting groundbreaking work, pushing boundaries, and leading the way in research, education, and healthcare. We employ practical thinkers. Driven professionals with a can-do mentality who use their expertise to expand the pool of knowledge about health and disease, who improve diagnostics and treatment, and who continually look for ways to innovate. Their commitment helps us to help our patients and others with a healthcare need even more effectively, and enables us to keep healthy people healthy for longer.

Our mission

Erasmus MC is committed to a healthy population and excellence in healthcare through research and education.

Our deepest conviction is that we can improve healthcare and that we wish to keep healthy people healthy as long as possible. With drive and determination, we are therefore continually on the lookout for innovation, for the best diagnostic and treatment methods, and the latest findings in the field of health and prevention. Innovation alone is not a goal unto itself, however. By innovating, we want to promote the further development of good healthcare. Professionals who are trained by Erasmus MC unite the latest scientific insights with practical application, so that patients and people with a healthcare need can benefit fully from this link. Innovation and state-of-the-art treatment go hand-in-hand at Erasmus MC. Our vision paints an ambitious picture of what Erasmus MC wants to be in 2018 and what our added value is:

Our vision

Erasmus MC is a recognized leader in innovations for health and healthcare.

Visibly Better
Course18 is subtitled 'Visibly Better'. 'Visibly better' is how we want to do what we do at Erasmus MC. We are working hard to improve and renew the healthcare of today and the public health of tomorrow. In addition, we make it visible to our patients, students and other stakeholders what we do and where we excel.

Core values
Responsible, Uniting, and Enterprising. These are the basic principles behind Erasmus MC. They are not isolated concepts, but inextricably linked.

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Ambitions and goals: added value and distinctive profile

We at Erasmus MC are working on achieving our vision and ambitions based on our mission. We will therefore have to make choices. This is why we have identified ambitions and set goals that we wish to achieve in the next five years. These ambitions and goals will give focus and direction to our actions.

Leader in added value

An organization with a distinctive profile

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Core values

At Erasmus MC we take responsibility and it is given to us, and we are held to account. By the patient and his family, for example, by the student, by society, and by each other. Our work is worthwhile: we do the right things and we do them well. We are professionals with integrity, and we are also open. We share knowledge and insights. Others may hold us to account on our results and actions. Erasmus MC employees are accountable for their results and actions, but also our organization as a whole.

Uniting - forging links - is a way for Erasmus MC to improve and to innovate. By working together one can achieve more, after all. Employees are team players who feel connected with patients, students, colleagues and Erasmus MC. They are involved, engaged, and show empathy. We work together with partners, both within and outside our organization, on the basis of trust and respect. As an institution, Erasmus MC is an active part of society. We are oriented to the world around us and we are open to the questions and wishes of our patients and society. Both now and in the future.

Erasmus MC is quick to show initiative: we identify opportunities and we are prepared for them. We do not hesitate, but we get down to business and we raise relevant issues. Full of courage, ambition, and optimism. We know how to take on challenges and we are innovative.

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Ambitions and goals

Leader in added value
Erasmus MC is driven by what we wish to achieve and by what we are able to achieve for patients, students, and healthcare. We want to be a leader when it comes to creating added value for the patient and society, and we wish to make our leadership qualities clear to the world around us. Not only in terms of the quality of our medical services, but also in an organizational and financial economic sense. We need to become more effective and efficient in our leadership role in the years to come. Our goal is to provide the best possible quality at the lowest possible cost. This will enable us to continue to offer quality and affordable healthcare. We are also committed to addressing the societal problems of accessibility and affordability of healthcare, education, and science. We are committed to ensuring healthcare for all in the future.

An organization with a distinctive profile
Erasmus MC's vision is to be the recognized leader in innovations in health and healthcare. We cannot excel in absolutely every field, however. This is why we will be making choices over the next two years regarding the content of our work. Our financial resources are also forcing our hand in this regard. In consultation with our stakeholders, we have established a number of primary focus areas. These will also help to ensure that Erasmus MC has a distinctive profile. Our research activities will take priority: the choices we make with regard to research will determine the choices we make in the areas of healthcare and education. With regard to healthcare, Erasmus MC will shift the focus in the years to come to complex and innovation-related care, which of course includes acute care as a key component of this profile.

The ambitions of the Erasmus MC seamlessly apply to the top sector policy of the Dutch government. The research of the Erasmus MC for Life Sciences & Health ranks among the international top and contributes greatly to the quality of health, solutions to social issues and more economic activity and prosperity. The Medical Delta adds to the top sector High Tech and makes the Netherlands in this sector internationally distinctive.

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