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Erasmus MC given highest credit rating

Erasmus MC has been given the highest credit rating that can be assigned, namely a triple-A status. In doing so, credit rating agency Fitch affirms that Erasmus MC is a very stable organization of the highest possible credit standing.

Public rating
The AAA credit rating will make it easier for Erasmus MC to attract funding and make it less dependent on banks. A triple-A rating is the highest possible rating that can be given in this field. Other examples of organizations in the Netherlands with an AAA credit rating are the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Waarborgfondsen (Guarantee Funds). 

A rating expresses both the financial and the operating strengths of an organization, giving business partners an insight into matters such as the creditworthiness and reliability of an organization they may wish to do business with. The 21 possible ratings are assigned on an alphabetic scale from AAA to D. 

The Board of Directors is very happy with the rating. "These are exciting times for Erasmus MC, with many changes and financial challenges. We have built a whole new hospital that has just been completed, and we are just about to occupy this new building. For us, the rating is acknowledgement of our sound financial management and the fact that we are well-prepared for the future", says David Voetelink, member of the Board of Directors.

Global reputation
The assessment by a rating agency considers financial performance over a period of years. It also takes into account operational ability, the future outlook, strategy and the quality of the board of directors and management. In Erasmus MC's case it also reflects its global reputation, its teaching role and its ability to provide the most complex medical care available in the Netherlands. 

See the press release.

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Date published: 22 January 2018.

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