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Erasmus MC has moved to the new hospital

On Friday 18 May, all Erasmus MC patients were relocated - in their beds - to the new hospital. The operation started in the morning at 07.00, the last patient was moved at 17.00 hours. The outpatient clinics had already been moved last week.

Erasmus MC started its new building project in 2004. After fourteen years, the patients were moved from the old buildings to the new hospital.

Erasmus MC is located in the center of Rotterdam. Most patients were moved at Erasmus MC's center location to adjacent buildings. However, 80 patients were moved from Erasmus MC Cancer Institute in the South of Rotterdam to the new building in the center, a six-kilometer ride straight through the city of Rotterdam.

During the relocation, a green wave of traffic lights was set up to allow continuous traffic flow over the intersections on the route, and traffic controllers secured all crossings. Around 14.00 hours, all patients from the Cancer Institute had been moved.

Erasmus MC's relocation to the new building was the largest hospital relocation in the history of the Netherlands. The new hospital is a state of the art institute, with among other things, single rooms, healing environments, and the largest rooftop gardens in the Netherlands.

See the video of the new hospital (click on the picture)
Verhuizing 18 mei 2018
Eerste OK na verhuizing

Date published: 18 May 2018.

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