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More foreign patients to Erasmus MC

KLM Health Services, Royal Schiphol Group, and Erasmus MC have established the International Patient Center (IPC). The aim of IPC is to make the highly complex healthcare services provided in the Netherlands available to international patients.

International Patient CenterThe treatment of all international patients at Erasmus will now be coordinated by IPC. The IPC care coordinator will negotiate between the patient and the specialist care provider, and will also arrange the medical or other transport, the facilities, and the accommodation for the international patients with KLM Health Services and the Royal Schiphol Group. 
Treatment options
Brinio Veldhuijzen van Zanten, managing director at KLM Health Services BV says: "KLM Health Services is very pleased to be able to contribute its knowledge and experience to IPC for the benefit of patients who wish to travel to a center with excellent treatment options. Erasmus MC is such a center." 
CEO Jos Nijhuis of the Royal Schiphol Group says: "Schiphol Airport is one of the most well-connected airports in the world. We are very pleased to be able to use this position, together with our knowledge and facilities, for the benefit of international healthcare."
Ernst Kuipers, chairman of Erasmus MC Board of Directors says: "Our vision is to link Erasmus MC's complex medical specialist care to the global demand for healthcare by international patients. The Dutch healthcare system is the best in Europe and scores high in international rankings. The Netherlands scored an average of 9.3 on the Euro Health Consumer Index. This offers opportunities to make the Netherlands an important medical travel destination."
IPC is run by managing director Stephanie de Blécourt. See also

See the press release.

Date published: 20 February 2018.

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