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PlasmaJet to be assessed

The new department of Gynecological Oncology is going to conduct a study on an innovative device for improving surgery for metastatic ovarian cancer: the PlasmaJet.

ZonMw has  awarded a grant of almost € 350,000 for the study, which is called PlaComOv. The PlasmaJet (photo left) is a small device that surgeons can use like a pointer. Pure plasma, a hot gas, is used to accurately heat tumor sites, which then evaporate.  

Three areas
The device was designed to surgically remove metastatic ovarian cancer. About 900 patients with this disease undergo surgery every year in the Netherlands. Women with metastatic ovarian cancer living in the Rotterdam, Leiden, and Enschede areas will be invited to participate in this study. 

Erasmus MC is specialized in the treatment of metastatic ovarian cancer. Two gynecologists, Gatske Nieuwenhuyzen-de Boer and Dr. Heleen van Beekhuizen, explain: "If all visible tumor sites can be removed in these patients, they will survive significantly longer. We will investigate if this is indeed possible using the PlasmaJet. Literature studies have shown that people who have been treated using this device recover more quickly from surgery, and a stoma can at times be avoided."

The PlaComOv study will compare the PlasmaJet with the traditional surgical procedure. The surgeons will observe the outcome of the operation and the recovery of the patient. They will also pay attention to the quality of life and the cost of the intervention. Moreover, they will examine the extent of damage to the treated body tissue after using the PlasmaJet, and also check whether any live tumor cells are still present.
Nieuwenhuyzen-de Boer and Van Beekhuizen expect to be able to publish the results in around 2021.

Date published: 28 July 2017.

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