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Course ‘Starting Supervision in Science’

Supervising PhD candidates is a process, which is guided by personal drive and beliefs. Erasmus MC offers a training specifically for young researchers which explores the process of interaction and communication during the supervision. Is the interaction working? What is going on beneath the surface in terms of convictions, feelings and drives? How can expectations be matched? This approach gives supervisors insight into the path towards optimal results.

Aletta Wubben is coach, trainer en director of the company “Aletta Wubben, human and organisational development”, which is specialized in education programs for scientists in particular.

Target group
The training course is specifically developed for starting supervisors, like postdocs and medical specialists, working at Erasmus MC.

Two days, with 3-4 weeks between days 1 and 2, so that the acquired skills on day 1 can be practised in the meantime and evaluated on day 2.

After the end of the training course:

  • You can coach the PhD candidates through the different phases and give structure to the process
  • You are able to manage expectations
  • You will be more aware of your own coaching’s preferences, your pitfalls and your way of interacting with the PhD’s.
  • You have learned how to ask in-depth questions and how to coach towards ownership

More information

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