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Research & Innovation

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Horizon 2020 - VISAGE

The VISible Attributes Through GEnomics - VISAGE - Consortium aims to overcome the general limitation of current forensic DNA analysis by broadening forensic DNA evidence towards constructing composite sketches of unknown perpetrators from as many biological traces and sources and as fast as possible within current legal frameworks and ethical guidelines. Prof. Manfred Kayser is leading the project.


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ZonMW and Thorax Foundation

The research group Interstitial Lung Diseases is researching how home-monitoring can improve the quality of life for people with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. The leader of the project is dr. Marlies Wijsenbeek, working with the MUMC, LUMC, St. Antionius ziekenhuis, the OLVG, the Zuyderland hospital, CuraVista bv and the pulmonary fibrosis patient-association.  The research is sponsored by ZonMW (€258.000) and the Thorax Foundation (€70.000).

ZonMW - Gender and Health

A team of pharmacologists, neurologists and gynecologists will investigate the influence of female sex hormones on the pathophysiology of migraine.
The research is conducted under the supervision of Dr. Antoinette Maassen van den Brink, associate professor of pharmacology at the department of Internal Medicine and will be conducted in collaboration with gynecologist Prof. Joop Laven as well as gynecologists and neurologists from LUMC and UMC Utrecht.

The project is funded by a € 500,000 grant of the Gender en Gezondheid (Gender and Health) programme from ZonMw, which is aimed at research into gender differences in health.

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ZonMW - Goed Gebruik Geneesmidden

  • The GOUD-consortium has received €512.341 from the programme Goed Gebruik Geneesmiddelen from ZonMW to research how the use of antipsychotics by people with a mental disability can be reduced. The GOUD-consortium is a cooperation consisting of the Geneeskunde voor Verstandelijk Gehandicapten and three healthcare organisations for people with a mental disability: Abrona, Amarant Group and Stichting Ipse de Bruggen. The study is led by dr. Dederieke Festen from the department of General Practice.  

  • A team of the department of Internal Medicine and the Pharmacy of the Erasmus MC will investigate the use of medication in patients with hypertension that is found to be difficult to successfully treat. The research will use a novel method that can measure concentrations of hypertension medication with the dried blood spot-method. The research is supported with €454.414 from ZonMW and led by dr. Jorie Versmissen and prof. Teun van Gelder.

KWF - Fight Cancer

Erasmus MC and TU Eindhoven have been awarded €500.000 for the study ‘Personalised MR-guided Hyperthermia Control for Adaptive Cancer Therapy: Control-2-ACT’.

Advanced cancer is often treated with radiotherapy, sometimes in combination with chemotherapy. This approach can cause side-effects on the short- and long term that have a major influence on the patient's well-being. The aim of the research is to increase the effectiveness of these kind of treatments, without increasing the burden of side-effects for the patient. Several partners are involved in this project, the Uniklinik Köln,  Ludwich-Maximillian-University München, Sensius, Dr. Sennewald Medizintechnik and Philips Research.


ZonMW - Grote Trials - Goed Gebruik Geneesmiddelen


Dr. Mathieu van der Jagt from the department Intensive Care is leading the EuRIDICE:  ‘Efficacy of haloperidol to decrease the burden of delirium in adult critically ill patients: a prospective randomised multi-center double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial’, supported by ZonMW’s programme Goed Gebruik Geneesmiddelen in the round ‘Grote Trials’.

ZonMw, Memorable

The Erasmus MC is succesfull in the Memorabel programme by ZonMw. This programme focusses on research regarding Dementia. The following researchers were succesfull: 

  • Dr. Janne Papma, 'Intercultural dementia diagnostics and care in the memory clinic', € 420.000.
  • Dr. Janne Papma, 'The diagnostic challenge of neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimer's disease', € 830.000, samen met VUmc.
  • Prof. Cock van Duijn, 'Understanding the role of the gut microbiome in the pathogenesis and prevention of dementia', € 1,4 miljoen, samen met VUmc.
  • Prof. John van Swieten, 'Searching for somatic de novo mutations in semantic dementia', € 880.000.
  • Prof. John van Swieten, 'Neuroimaging and fluid biomarkers predicting conversion and disease progression in mutation carriers of genetic frontotemporal dementia', € 860.000.
  • Dr. Meike Vernooij, 'Amyloid pathology and vascular disease in focus: exploring interaction in two pathways towards neurodegeneration', € 900.000.
  • Dr. Meike Vernooij, prof. Arfan Ikram, 'Social factors in cognitive decline, towards an early intervention approach', € 750.000, samen met UMCG en Radboudumc.
  ZonMw - Memorabel
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ZonMw, Doelmatigheid

The following 4 Doelmatigheid projects were approved:

  • Evaluation of effectiveness of the PlasmaJet Surgical device in the treatment of Advanced Stage Ovarian Cancer: a randomized controlled trial in The Netherlands (PlaComOv-study) by Drs. Gatske Nieuwenhuyzen - de Boer
  • Should a patient with a suspected scaphoid fracture be treated with cast? An RCT by Dr. Max Reijman
  • Non-invasive diagnosis and treatment of neonatal jaundice in primary care by Dr. Jasper Been
  • Corticosteroids for treatment of chronic subdural hematoma (ChERISH) by Dr. Ruben Dammers

Nierstichting, K+onsortium

This research is dedicated to study the protective effect of calcium on the kidneys, the heart and the veins. Dr. Ewout Hoorn coordinates this consortium of the Erasmus MC, UMC Groningen, Leiden UMC and Amsterdam MC. This project will run for 5 years. For more information on the project: Click here



Within this project Johan van der Lei acts as a partner in the consortium. The project will focus on the next generation of electronic translational safety - nexgets with the following title: " Enhacing TRANslational SAFEty Assessment through Integrative Knowledge Management".

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