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ZonMw funds hypertension study

An Internal Medicine team and the Erasmus MC Pharmacy are going to conduct a study to investigate whether the drug adherence of patients with difficult to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) can be improved.

Jorie VersmissenZonMw
The study can be conducted thanks to a grant of € 454,414 from ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development). The research study will be led by Dr. Jorie Versmissen (photo) and Prof. Teun van Gelder. The amount is being awarded as part of the GGG Program (good use of medicines), which focuses on the more effective, safer, and more efficient use of existing drugs.

Finger prick
A method has been developed over the past two years to measure the concentration of blood pressure lowering drugs in the blood using a finger prick blood sample. This is called the dried blood spot method.

Versmissen: "We will use the method for patients with difficult to treat hypertension to determine whether all the medicines have been taken correctly. In the study we will provide half the patients with feedback on the drug concentration values. The other half of the patients will not receive this information. A psychologist and sociologist are currently developing a communications strategy for the feedback, which will address the reasons for poor drug adherence that may occur."

The study will start in December 2017 with a training program for the physicians in six hospitals: Erasmus MC, Amphia Hospital, IJsselland Hospital, Ikazia, Maasstad Hospital and Albert Schweitzer Hospital. In March 2018, the first patients will be invited to participate in the study.

Used by GPs
Versmissen: "If the finger prick and the communications strategy result in more patients achieving a good blood pressure this will lead to a reduction in cardiovascular disease and also to a reduction in costs of the more expensive or burdensome treatments. The method can be used by hospitals, but in the future possibly also by GPs."

Vinger prikje druppel bloed medicatiewaarden

Date published: 27 July 2017.

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