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What the department can offer you

Thoraxcenter Biomedical Engineering is a group of 40 researchers performing highly innovative research in cardiovascular diagnosis and therapy. We focus on translational research in ultrasound imaging and image processing, ultrasound contrast agents for molecular imaging and drug delivery, intravascular techniques and hemodynamics.

If you have a special interest to work in our group, please contact us; we may have opportunities available that are not listed here (yet).

Job Vacancies at  Biomedical Engineering:


Some of these are listed below or are listed on the Biomedical Engineering vacancies  on the ErasmusMC web page.


Projects for students Biomedical Engineering  ( Physics / Electronics / Informatics / Molecular Biology )

We always have lots of interesting student projects available, for students in physics, mechanical and electrical engineering, image processing, optics, cell biology, cardiology etc.

Some of the student projects are listed here