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Financial result 2023 Erasmus MC at stable level

May 8, 2024

Erasmus MC was able to maintain its 2022 financial result in 2023. The result for 2023 was €45 million positive on turnover of €2.4 billion, about 2% of turnover. This result is comparable to 2022 and 2021.

Revenue increased in part by making optimal use of available inpatient and outpatient capacity. The hospital managed to deliver the requested care to patients through tight scheduling, despite staff shortages. On the other hand, personnel costs increased due to collective bargaining increases and a larger number of employees. Materials, food and energy costs also increased due to high inflation.

Satisfied but cautious

Finance Director Paul Boomkamp is satisfied: 'Thanks to the relentless efforts of 18,000 colleagues in patient care, research and education, we once again managed to achieve a good result. In circumstances of increasing scarcity, we have again done a tremendous amount of work together in 2023. That with all the cost increases we managed to maintain the financial result from 2021 and 2022 is a compliment to everyone. 

But he is also cautious. 'We have to make a lot of investments in the coming years. Think of the new Erasmus MC Sophia Children's Hospital and a new building for high-quality medical research. At the same time, substantial investments are needed in digitalization and ICT, the development of the campus and the Convergence with TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam. We must make these investments if Erasmus MC is to continue to create social value. But to be able to finance that, we need a higher result in the future.' 

The world around us

This social value is clearly reflected in our new five-year strategy, Strategy28. With Strategy28, we are focusing on solutions that address societal challenges in health and care. We are working to keep healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone. Technological developments and digitalization of care play a major role in this. We are also firmly committed to sustainability.

View the annual report

You can view the 2023 annual report online at https://jaarverslag.erasmusmc.nl/ (Dutch only)