For life-threatening situations call 112

Contact Erasmus MC

+31 10 704 01 45 (available 24/7)


Dr. Molewaterplein 40


Parking is prohibited on the square in front of the Emergency Department, but you may stop here to drop off and pick up patients.

Parking garage 

Wytemaweg 12, 3015 CN Rotterdam

What will you need to bring with you?

  • ID or passport
  • Proof of health insurance registration
  • Referral letter from your GP (if you have one)
  • List of medications (if you have one).

If you think you may be admitted to hospital, then you should bring toiletries, a bathrobe, slippers and nightwear. If you are taken to hospital by ambulance we recommend you don’t forget to bring clothing, a coat, and shoes.

On arrival

On arrival at the Emergency Department you must first register at the Reception Desk. If you have not been referred by a physician or other care professional, then the Emergency Department nurse will assess your needs and refer you to the Emergency Department or the Emergency GP service. If you have been referred to the Emergency Department, or were taken to hospital by ambulance, the Emergency Department will immediately tend to your needs.

More information

Emergency GP service