Guest accommodation

Overnight stays near Erasmus MC

There are a number of hotels that have a contract with Erasmus MC and offer favorable prices and/or conditions. You can book your own room at one of the affiliated hotels.

The single patient rooms at Erasmus MC have rooming-in facilities where someone can sit or sleep. In consultation with your attending physician, someone can stay the night in your room.

The Family House will remain available to you and your family at its current location in Rotterdam-Zuid until mid-2020, after which it will move to a location within walking distance of the new Erasmus MC. There is a shuttle bus service from the Rotterdam-Zuid location to the new hospital.


You can reach the Family House by phone at +31 10 704 11 05, by fax at +31 10 704 10 02 or by Email.

Additional information can be found in the Family House brochure or check the Family House website.