Aftercare Office

If you require care after you have been discharged, the Aftercare Office will make arrangements for you.

Do you require care after your stay at our hospital? Together with you, the nurse will determine what care you need. You may, for instance, need to go to a nursing home for a short period, or you may require nursing care at home. Your exact needs will also depend on your medical condition and your home situation.

Your nurse will contact the Aftercare Office. A transfer nurse at the Aftercare Office will then arrange the care you need after being discharged from hospital.

You may wish to consider the possibilities and your wishes beforehand. Simply contact the Aftercare Office by using our contact form or call +31 10 703 47 75.

We also have a Patient and Healthcare Administration Front Service Desk in our main hall for any aftercare-related questions. The Patient and Healthcare Administration Front Service Desk is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.

Do you have questions?

Please contact us.