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Children’s Advisory Council

For all the children at Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital.

The Children's Advisory Council speaks on behalf of all children being treated at Erasmus MC Sophia, and also on behalf of their siblings and friends. Through the Children's Advisory Council, children are given a voice that is heard by the hospital board and all staff.

Do you want to get in touch with us?

You may always email us if you have ideas to do something positive for all children at Erasmus MC Sophia. Tips and experiences are also very welcome. Click on the contact button at the bottom of this page, and the chair of the Children's Advisory Council or one of the staff members will contact you and the idea will be discussed at one of our meetings. In 2023, we will meet on the following dates: Jan. 5, Feb. 14, April 11, June 5, Aug. 17, Sept. 19 and Nov. 9. 

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Children’s Advisory Council

Why have a Children’s Advisory Council?

The Children’s Advisory Council wants the voices of all the children at Erasmus MC Sophia to be heard. The advisory council is also interested in the opinions of children who have never been to the hospital or have only experienced it as the brother or sister of a patient. They all have the right to share their opinion, experiences, needs, and ideas, so that together we can improve the care and quality at Erasmus MC Sophia.

The Board and staff of Erasmus MC greatly value the opinions of the Children’s Advisory Council and therefore carefully listen to their ideas.

Who are we?

The Children’s Advisory Council is made up of:

  • Parel Bras (chair)
  • Sterre van den Aardwegh (chair)
  • Ilva van Hoorn
  • Alexander Scholz
  • Dali Rosbach
  • Emma Oudenaarde
  • Fabio Braat
  • Giulia Stijnen
  • Hannah Hoftijzer
  • Jealinde de Krijger
  • Juul Bal
  • Loekie Zevenbergen
  • Samuel van Eersel
  • Sara Vrijdag
  • Wout Kradolfer
  • Yasmine Jaakou
  • Benthe Damen
  • Elena Krzeminski

Vivi Buijs, Merel van der Mark and Veronique Westenberg are staff members at Erasmus MC Sophia and supervise the Children’s Advisory Council.

Group picture

What we do

We discuss everything that we think can be improved. For example:

  • The food in the hospital.
  • Contact with the physicians and nurses.
  • The layout and furnishings of the hospital.
  • Entertainment in the hospital.

Current topics

Ongoing projects and recent results.

Workshops at Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital:

Every month, we organize a workshop for children of varying ages and on different topics, for example, music and dance, creativity, sports, cooking, and multimedia.

Breakfast for parents who stay the night:

Parents who make use of the rooming-in facilities are provided with a delicious and healthy breakfast that they can enjoy together with their child.

Video on safe care:

A funny, interactive quiz shows how children and their parents can help make their hospital stay safer.

Children Care Conference

Thursday, October 13, 2022, the first edition of the Children Care Conference took place. The goal: to make healthcare professionals even better healthcare workers. Just like a press conference on television, the children sat behind official desks with microphones and in front of them; a room full of care professionals! 

During the interactive and inspiring meeting, the children, based on propositions and stories from their experiences, engaged in a dialogue with nurses, doctors, polyclinics and pedagoc staff, among others, about their experiences at Sophia. "This was really special and valuable. Being held up a mirror by children. So instructive. Thank you for your courage and openness!" said Pediatrician-infectiologist Prof. Dr. Annemarie van Rossum (Department Head of Pediatrics) on LinkedIn. 

Children’s rights

Children’s rights are at the heart of everything we do. If you wish to read more on this topic, go to the website of the Kinderombudsman (Children’s Ombudsman) and the website of the Stichting Kind en Ziekenhuis (Dutch only) (Child and Hospital Foundation), under the children’s hospital charter.

Sign up!

Do you also want to make your voice heard and help to make the voices of the children at Erasmus MC Sophia heard?

Then why not sign up for the Children’s Advisory Council?

You can sign up if you:

  • Are between the ages of 10 and 18.
  • Are a patient at Erasmus MC Sophia or your brother, sister, family member, or friend is a patient at our hospital.
  • Want to do something positive for all the children at Erasmus MC Sophia.
  • Would enjoy working with other children to make their hospital stay more fun.

You can sign up by filling in our contact form below. Let us know why you wish to become a member of the Children’s Advisory Council.

Also include your name, date of birth, and address, and let us know whether you are a patient at Erasmus MC Sophia, or a brother, sister or other family member of a patient, or have no hospital experience but would like to do something for our children’s hospital. The chairperson of the Children’s Advisory Council or one the supervisors will contact you.

You may have additional questions, or we may have some questions for you. You can always come to one of our meetings. The chairperson can help you decide whether you wish to join.

Becoming a member is voluntary, which means you will not get payment for helping. Of course, we will pay for your travel costs or parking fee.

Any questions or comments?

Please contact our office.

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