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Research projects (264)

2000 HIV Human Functional Genomics Partnership Program (2000-HIV Study)

Extend knowledge of clinical and host/immune factors associated with treatment outcomes in chronically treated HIV-infected patients

3D geometric models of paediatric cardiac shape

We use 3D geometric models to assess how cardiovascular risk factors affect the ‘normal’ shape of the child’s heart. This might aid in risk ...

4D-Flow Echocardiography for Diastolic Functional Imaging of the Left Ventricle

Developing the next generation of blood flow imaging: 4D-flow echocardiography. By fully quantifying cardiac hemodynamics we can learn more about ...


An implementation project that integrates outpatient rehabilitation and community patient support to improve aftercare for patients with acquired ...

Activwalks 2.0

The relation between strain of walking and physical behavior in ambulatory people with long-standing spinal cord injury based on objective ...

A digital antimicrobial stewardship smartphone application to combat AMR: the AB-assistant

Evaluation of AB-assistant, a smartphone app that is customizable to local guidelines and can be used worldwide, including in low- and middle-income ...

Advance Care Planning

With our project we contribute to the application and exchange of advanced care planning in (hematologic) oncology patients so that personal ...

AMPHORA – Acoustic markers for enhanced remote sensing of radiation doses

This European ERC-OPEN-FET project is aiming at testing and development of acoustic contrast agents for detection of radiation dosis.


We are evaluating the effect of a personalized medication recommendation on adequate medication management in patients in the last phase of life.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontaltemporal dementia (FTD)

Both ALS and FTD can result from a GGGGCC repeat expansion in the C9orf72 gene. While normally the repeat is present 2-8X, in ALS/FTD patients it can ...

AmyVasc; Amyloid pathology and vascular disease in focus

We study the interaction between amyloid pathology and vascular disease by performing PET-CT and MRI scans in healthy participants aged ≥ 60 years.


Prognostic models in patients with neck pain in physiotherapy practice. A cohort study that evaluated usual care manual therapy (MEC-2007-359).