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General information

My Erasmus MC

You can use My Erasmus MC, your on-line medical file, to access your medical records or your list of appointments, or to change personal details such as your address if you have move house.

My Erasmus MC


You can log-in securely on My Erasmus MC using your DigiD code (with SMS text message) or the DigiD app. Your patient data are fully protected.

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Further information on logging-in securely.

Who has access?

Everyone who is registered as a patient at the Erasmus MC can access certain parts of their medical records on line. In principle, parents can also access their child’s records.

If your child is a patient: 

  • Children aged under 12
    The parents and legal representatives of a child aged under 12 are entitled to see the child’s medical files. You should use your child’s DigiD log-in code for this purpose. Every newborn child that is registered in the local personal records database (known officially in Dutch as the Gemeentelijke Basisadministratie Personen or GBA) is automatically assigned a ‘citizen service number’ (BSN) a few weeks after registration. Once your child has been assigned a citizen service number, you can then apply for a DigiD code on his or her behalf. In other words, this is something you can already do just a few weeks after your child’s birth.
  • Children aged from 12 to 15
    Children aged from 12 to 15 are entitled to see their medical files themselves. Parents are entitled to see their child’s medical files if this is needed in order for them to give their consent to the child’s treatment. The child in question may object to the parents having access to his or her medical file, in which case the physician treating the child may uphold the objection if the physician believes that giving the parents access to the medical file would result in a healthcare-provider failing to act in accordance with professional standards.
  • Children aged 16 and over
    A child aged 16 and over has the right to inspect his or her own medical records. Parents do not have the right to inspect their child's medical records from the age of 16. Unless the child gives permission.

Any other people, such as staff of your insurance company, your GP and your specialist, are not entitled to see your on-line medical records.

Want to know more about your on-line medical file?

What can you find in My Erasmus MC?

Certain parts of your medical records are stored in your personal digital environment on My Erasmus MC. These include your treatment plan, laboratory results and letters from the medical specialist to the doctor who referred you to us. 

However, you may wish to see other information than the information that is available to you in My Erasmus MC. In that case, you can make a request to access medical data.

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