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Skillslab & Simulation Center

SkillsLab & Simulation Center is the place to be to train your skills (surgical, nursing, non-technical) under supervision of experts to improve patient safety.

Audience: Doctor/medical specialist, Nursing specialist, Employees

About us

General information

The mission of our SkillsLab & Simulation Center is to enhance patient safety. To reach this goal, innovative training technology and teaching methodology are used. Erasmus MC SkillsLab is a state-of the-art multi-professional training facility and provides training for doctors, medical residents and other healthcare professionals through a variety of courses. Under supervision of (inter)national experts surgical skills and (new) surgical approaches can be trained. 

The Simulation Center features interactive human and computer-based simulation. Simulation creates life-like situations that provide immediate feedback about clinical decisions and actions. 

Training scenarios are reflected during debriefing which is facilitated by a faculty of experienced staff. Our simulators provide the closest situation to reality for healthcare professionals to rehearse both routine and, less common, life-threatening  events. All courses are designed and delivered by skillful and experienced faculty.

The center has two full-scale simulators and has a wide range of specific task trainers at its disposal. Furthermore each simulation facility is equipped with a ‘state of the art, high-end audio visual system.

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Small operating room for the use of X-rays with C-arc

microsurgical OR

Conference room

Cutting rooms



SIMENDO, endoscopy simulator

Our courses

Basic Laparoscopic Skills (Dutch)
LISA (Dutch)
Oncoplastic breast surgery (Dutch)
Skull Base Course (Dutch)
ESE introduction (Dutch)
Human Patient Simulator AIOS (Dutch)


Why Erasmus MC?

SkillsLab & Anatomy

AnubifixIn Rotterdam the two pillars of surgery: Skills & Anatomy are combined.
Divided by only one door, the ultra-modernly equipped surgical SkillsLab with OR’s for surgical training on living tissue is connected to the fully equipped dissection room.  

In our lab we invented and developed our own embalming technique. With this embalming fluid (AnubiFiX™) the embalmed bodies are traditionally embalmed, but at the same time stay flexible and supple. Scientific research has been performed on these specimen and there is only a small difference with fresh frozen specimen in flexibility and ‘tissue feel’. This embalming method, combined with the use of FPP (Formaldehyde Proof Paint) makes it possible to make 3-D anatomical models for Laparoscopic Surgical Anatomy training.

In these brightly coloured human anatomical specimen, it is possible to train your surgical procedures in real anatomical specimen; in a  ‘3-D Anatomical Atlas’.



All courses are designed and delivered by a (international) faculty including experts in surgical skills or simulation and appropriate subject matter experts to ensure learning objectives are appropriate to the groups for whom courses are designed.


  • Department of Anesthesiology, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Department of Accident and Emergency, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Erasmus MC Education Center for nurses and paramedics, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


  • Technical University Delft (industrial design), Delft, The Netherlands
  • University of Twente (medical engineering), Enschede, The Netherlands


Dräger Medical Systems, Lübeck, GermayOlympus Medical Systems, Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands


Practical information


  • Dr. H.P. Theeuwes, Program Director SkillsLab and Traumasurgeon
  • Madelon Panman, manager SkillsLab & SimulationCenter
  • Naomi Molenaar, coordinator SkillsLab    
  • Monique van Meer, coordinator operating rooms
  • Jolanda van der Zwan, assistant SkillsLab   
  • Marcella Steffen, assistant SkillsLab
  • Yvonne Steinvoort, coordinator dissection rooms
  • Lucas Verdonschot, assistant dissection rooms

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