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Research groups/labs  (27)

Bierings lab

Research page Bierings lab, Dept of Hematology, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute

Cancer Epidemiology

Research group page Cancer Epidemiology, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, Medical Oncology, Rotterdam

Clinical and Experimental Dietetics

Improving the efficacy and effectiveness of nutritional care is the main priority of the department of Dietetics.

Clinical and Translational Research Program of Genito Urinary Medical Oncology

This research group initiates and collaborates in investigator, as well as Industry initiated and sponsored phase 1-3 clinical trials, as well as ...

Cornelissen lab

Translational stem cell transplantation

Cupedo lab

Mechanisms driving generation of secondary and tertiary lymphoid organs in humans

De Maat Lab

Research group Biochemistry of Haemostasis and Thrombosis, Erasmus MC

Early Phase Clinical Trials in Oncology

Our group conducts and designs clinical studies to develop potential new drugs that may be of benefit for cancer patients

Fluorescence-Guided Surgery Group

Fluorescence-guided surgery is an intraoperative optical imaging method that provides surgeons with real-time guidance for the identification and ...

Hereditary Gastrointestinal Tumors

Our group has a long-standing interest in the diagnostics and clinical management of hereditary gastrointestinal tumors

Leebeek lab

Role of coagulation factors and platelets in the pathogenesis of arterial thrombosis

Löwenberg Lab

Developmental diagnostics and therapeutics, in particular in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in the context of single center and multicenter prospective ...