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Erasmus MC Foundation

Working together for a healthy future


About the Erasmus MC Foundation

Give for a healthy futur

The mission of the Erasmus MC is to use a combination of research and teaching to achieve a healthy population and to deliver care of the highest standard. We are innovative pioneers, but we cannot achieve our aims without your help. By supporting the Erasmus MC Foundation, you can help us perform innovative research and raise standards of patient care.

By working together with our donors, we can create the conditions for unique medical research. We need your help to fight the battle against cancer, dementia, cardiovascular disease and all sorts of other ailments. So why not support us – whether as a donor or a business sponsor or by making a gift or bequest to us in your will? You can decide for yourself what you would like us to do with your gift, i.e. which disease or condition you would like to help eradicate.

Working together for a healthy future.

More information

Further information is available on the website of the Erasmus MC Foundation (Dutch only).

The Daniel den Hoed Foundation: supporting cancer research

Giving for a cancer-free future

The Daniel den Hoed Foundation is part of the Erasmus MC Foundation. Its task is to raise money to fund medical research at the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute. With your support, we can work towards a better future for all those affected by cancer.

Thanks to the advances stemming from scientific studies, the prospects for cancer patients are distinctly improving. But it’s still a long way to go. A huge amount of money is needed to fund pioneering research and innovative equipment, so that we can give our patients personalised treatment based on the latest research findings.

So please join us in the fight against cancer and support scientific cancer research at the Erasmus MC! Your gift can change people’s lives.

Working together to eradicate cancer

More information

Further information is available on the website of the Daniel den Hoed Foundation (Dutch only).

The Thorax Foundation: supporting research into cardiovascular and pulmonary disease

The Erasmus MC Thorax Centre is a centre of excellence for cardiology, pulmonary medicine and cardiothoracic surgery. It has been an undisputed world leader in both patient care and specialist research and teaching for the past 50 years. Every year, the Centre provides some 25,000 patients with highly complex care, including around 1,200 cases of open-heart surgery and 20 heart transplants.

In the wake of shrinking government budgets and ever stricter legislation on funding by the pharmaceutical industry, private finance is becoming a growing necessity. The Erasmus MC Thorax Foundation was founded in 2012 as a means of raising funds to be used for the exclusive purpose of supporting research.

More information

Further information is available on the website of the Erasmus MC Thorax Foundation (Dutch only).

Other funds: decide for yourself which research to support

The Erasmus MC Foundation is the umbrella organisation covering all the various fund-raising activities in the Erasmus MC. As a donor, you decide for yourself which particular fund or research you wish to support. Our aim is to work together to achieve a healthy future for all.


Further information on all the funds operating under the umbrella of the Erasmus MC Foundation is available on the funds website (Dutch only).

Erasmus MC Foundation