Scientific research

General information

Erasmus MC’s mission is embodied in our commitment to a healthy population and excellence in healthcare though research and teaching. We want to be a leader in innovations in health and healthcare. Scientific research is important for our patients. Research helps us build our medical expertise and enables us to develop new treatments.
You (or your child) may be asked to participate in medical research. Your physician must provide you with detailed information on the medical research, including what the consequences may be for you and whether there are any health risks involved. It is up to you to decide whether or not to take part in the research. You have the right to refuse to participate at any point (even if the study has already been started) without providing reasons. This will in no way affect your further treatment.
You can find further information on the Central Government’s website.

Scientific research using data from your medical records
At times our hospital may decide that we want to carry out research using the data obtained during your treatment at Erasmus MC. Such research questions often occur after your treatment at Erasmus MC has been completed, and may be the result of new scientific discoveries or experiences elsewhere.

In the interest of these studies, information on your treatment will be provided, and at times access may even be given to your medical records. In principle, your permission will be sought before this happens. Your data can only be used without your consent in cases where it is not reasonably possible for us to obtain it. In this case, your privacy will be protected and your personal data will be stored under an anonymized code number. The researchers are bound by a strict duty of confidentiality.
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