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A safe stay

What can you do to ensure your child has a safe stay at our hospital?

This (Dutch-language) film clip shows you a number of things that you and your child can do to make sure your child feels comfortable and safe in hospital. These include:

  • finding out what the treatment involves and who will be treating your child;
  • bringing along any medication that your child is currently taking, including a list of medications provided by your pharmacy;
  • telling the nurse or doctor as soon as possible about any allergies your child may have;
  • wash your hands before meals and after using the toilet in order to prevent infections;
  • telling someone as quickly as possible if you see that your child is in pain, so that we can do something about it;
  • before your child is discharged from hospital, making sure that you are given a list of medications, a letter for your GP, and (if appropriate) a referral letter for an appointment at the outpatient clinic.