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Education Policy and Advice

What does the Education Policy and Advice department do?

Together with the Education Service Center (OSC), the Education Policy and Advice department is responsible for the organization, planning, and administration of the medical training program. The department also provides support to Erasmus MC’s Research Master’s programs and it is involved in the development of medical specialist training programs. The program directors are responsible for the content of the training programs.

Our focus areas

The Education Policy and Advice department is active in the following areas:

Educational development

  • We develop education policies and strategies, and provide advice in the implementation of the policies (e.g. on curriculum changes, e-learning, testing, working methods).
  • We develop and implement a program for cross-disciplinary education (DOO in Dutch) in the specialist training program.
  • We develop e-learning modules.
  • We edit and produce study materials.

Quality assurance

  • We maintain the quality assurance system and we are responsible for its implementation.

Contact details

You can contact our secretariat by email.