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Research groups/labs  (194)

Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Research on adults with congenital heart disease, aortic pathology, pulmonary hypertension and pregnancy in women with cardiac disease.

Advanced Musculoskeletal Imaging Research Erasmus MC (ADMIRE)

We develop and validate advanced quantitative imaging techniques for common musculoskeletal diseases, and apply these as imaging biomarkers in ...

Advanced Ultrasound Imaging

Research towards new and advanced ultrasound technology, methods, and applications

Alzheimer center

Alzheimer Center Erasmus MC is a diagnostic center for dementia located at the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam. We combine patient ...

An abnormal vertebral pattern in relation to the fetal prognosis.

This study focuses on the feasibility and added value of the prenatal assessment of the number of vertebrae and ribs with 3-dimensional ultrasound.

Antigen-based Immunotherapy group

Research in the group is focused on exploiting antigen presentation for immunotherapy to cure gastrointestinal and hepatic diseases.

Applied Physiological Neuroimaging

This research line is focused on the non-invasive, in vivo visualisation of the human brain’s function and (micro)structure under physiological and ...

Applied Social and Forensic Psychiatry

Research group - Psychiatry - Erasmus MC employs epidemiology and intervention studies to advance community-based mental healthcare.

Applying Human Epigenomic Variation

Prof. Dr. Manfred Kayser Head, Department of Genetic Identification


This research line focusses on different rheumatic diseases, such as Clinically Suspected Arthralgia (CSA), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Psoriatic ...

Assessment of Radiological Technology

Our research focuses on optimizing health care decisions by combining the best-available quantitative evidence on risks and benefits from diverse ...

Atopic Dermatitis Research Group Adults

Our research focuses on Atopic Dermatitis, which is the most common chronic inflammatory skin disease. AD has a profound impact on quality of life of ...