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Mission and strategy

We are committed to achieving a healthy population and pursuing excellence in healthcare through research and teaching

Our mission statement: We are committed to achieving a healthy population and pursuing excellence in healthcare through research and teaching.

Erasmus MC, with its roots in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, a world famous city and international port, is an international leading academic hospital. Erasmus MC staff, volunteers and students work with passion and dedication to achieve a safe, first-rate healthcare for patients with complex disorders, rare conditions or acute needs. Erasmus MC is recognized as a world-class scientific research organization aiming to improve our understanding of diseases and disorders and helps to predict, treat and prevent them. In terms of research funding strategy, four themes can be differentiated:

  • A healthy start and life course for all
  • The food-knowledge gateway to health
  • Data-driven approaches for a healthy life course
  • Understand and combat diseases

At Erasmus MC we believe that progress in medicine and health care is only feasible if fundamental biomedical research, clinical research and health sciences collaborate in close synergy. Excellent patient care and research are inextricably linked to education. In the Erasmus MC Graduate School internationally renowned MSc and PhD programmes lay the foundations for young dedicated researchers to start their careers in medical, health and biomedical sciences.

Every five years Erasmus MC sets out a new strategic plan. Each edition of Strategy clearly sets Erasmus MC ambitions in terms of providing patient care, teaching, training, and conducting research. In each of these core tasks Erasmus MC focuses on the social impact and valorization of ideas. In doing so, Erasmus MC takes account of developments in our own organization as well as developments in the world around us. Strategy23, the most recent edition, focuses on ‘Technology & Dedication’ as two guiding principles at the core of our goals. The word ‘dedication’ describes the way in which our staff perform their work, with time and consideration for their patients and each other, passion for scientific research and concern for the interests of their students.