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Policy & Advice

Research Policy and Advice offers both proactive and on demand, high-quality policy development, advice and support in behalf of research at Erasmus MC. Research Policy and Advice accomplishes this in a solution-driven, transparent and networking process.

Aspects of research policy:

  • focus on the quality of research: benchmarking research results, social impact of research, supporting grant applications, academic career policy,
  • strategic investments (such as Erasmus MC-wide infrastructure, equipment investment, formation of internal or external institutes, internal incentive programs),
  • external strategic alliances and policy of internationalization; lobbying and networking nationally and internationally,
  • talent policy for scientists (PhD policy within the Graduate School, postdoc policies, mentoring, diversity policy, associate professors policy, full professors policy, nominations for prestigious awards),
  • preconditions for quality and integrity of (clinical) research.