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More Erasmus MC research groups/labs
More Erasmus MC research projects
  • Research project

    Cardiac Mechanics

    This multidisciplinary project is performed by a team of engineers and clinicians from the Departments of Biomedical Engineering, Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiology and Radiology.

  • Research project

    Molecular imaging of atherosclerosis

    We develop new diagnostic imaging, aimed at targeting inflammation and calcification with radionuclide imaging, to assess atherosclerotic plaque composition.

  • Research project

    Human disease model for atherosclerosis

    We tissue engineer human disease models for atherosclerosis to unravel the process of atherosclerotic plaque rupture and to identify new imaging biomarkers.

  • Research project

    Child Brain Lab

    The Child Brain Lab is a testing facility for brain development and brain function of children with neurological or psychiatric disorders or disorders of head and senses. Data are used to facilitate clinical care and to establish developmental growth curves, thereby providing a solid infrastructure for evaluating new techniques and interventions. The Child Brain Lab is the linking pin between value-based health Care and scientific research.