Registering on arrival

Registering on arrival

If this is your first visit to Erasmus MC, report to the Registration Desk where we will check all your details.

We will then give you a day ticket.

If this is not your first visit you can obtain a day ticket from one of the self check-in points, which you will find near all the entrances to our hospital: in the Arcade, Passage, and on the Plein, and near the entrance of Building Ba. The appointment letter that you received will also explain how the self check-in point works. Mevrouw bij aanmeldzuil

Valid ID

You will need to present your ID (passport or ID card) at the self check-in point. If the personal details are not correct or incomplete, you will be asked to go to the Registration Desk before or after your appointment or admission. If you do not have a Dutch Social Security Number (BSN) or insurance, you will not receive a day ticket from the self check-in point and you will have to visit the Registration Desk, where we will complete your details and give you a day ticket.

Day ticket

The day ticket shows the specifics of the appointment or admission (with the exception of administrative appointments or consultations by telephone).


Your day ticket will show the route to every appointment or admission. The route for an appointment will be shown as: building Xx, floor X, outpatient clinic desk XX. For a hospital admission this is: building Xx, floor X, department desk XX.

Please note...

The directions to your appointment can be found on your day ticket. However, the building code on your day ticket may not be the same as the actual location of the outpatient clinic building. If an appointment has been scheduled for you after you have received a day ticket, this appointment will not be shown on your ticket, but you can check-in for this appointment at the self check-in point using the barcode on the day ticket you already have.

In the department

You can also use the signs with an index of Erasmus MC departments to find the specialization you need. The signs show the routes by indicating ‘building’ and ‘floor’. When you arrive at the right floor you do not need to check-in again at the self check-in point. Simply give your day ticket to the staff at the desk.

Uit de aanmeldzuil komt uw dagticket