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General information

Contact details and directions

On this page you will find addresses, telephone numbers and information on how to reach Erasmus MC by public transport and car.


Telephone numbers and addresses

General telephone number:

+ 31 10 704 0 704

Street address:

Dr. Molewaterplein 40, 3015 GD Rotterdam 

Postal address

PO Box 2040, 3000 CA Rotterdam

Media Relations

View the contact details if you are a journalist and you wish to get in touch with one of our press officers.

Sending a card?

If you’d like to send a card to a patient, you should address it to Postbus 2040, 3000 CA Rotterdam, stating the room number and the patient's name.


Finding wherever it is you need to be

Here you can find indoor maps for each of our buildings and information about how to get there using public transport or a motor vehicle. 
All our public entrances give access to the central pedestrian areas of Erasmus MC. These are called Arcade, Passage and Plein. Once inside, to reach your destination, please follow the signs showing the building, floor and room number, waiting area or lounge you need.
Are you a patient?
Then please first obtain a day ticket from one of the self-service registration kiosks. This will show you the time and place of your appointment.

How to get to the Erasmus MC by public transport

Watch our video how to get to Erasmus MC by public transport

We are easy to reach by public transport. A leaflet entitled How to get to the Erasmus MC shows you the nearest metro, tram and bus stops, as well as the walking routes from the stops to the hospital. 

Plan your journey with the Dutch public transport app

Plan your cycle route

Cycling is good for you, which is why we encourage not just our staff to use their bikes as much as possible, but everyone who comes to see us. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the shortest or the prettiest route – cycling’s always good for you.

Plan your cycle route below. If you cycle to the Erasmus MC, you can park your bike in one of the bike sheds (see map).

Kiss & Ride

You are not allowed to park your car near the entrances on Dr. Molewaterplein, but you may stop briefly to drop off or pick up someone.

Car parking garages

Watch our video How to get to Erasmus MC by car - parking facilities

You’ll see signs for the Erasmus MC as soon as you reach the Rotterdam ring road. Once you get close to the Erasmus MC, follow the signs for one of the two multi-storey car parks:

  • the Westzeedijk car park (next to the main hall); or
  • the Wytemaweg car park (underneath the Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital).

The signs will also tell you how many vacant spaces there are in each car park.

Charging electric cars

Patients and visitors can charge their electric cars in Erasmus MC's parking garages. In our parking garages on the Westzeedijk and Wytemaweg, 10 charging points are available in each parking garage. When entering the parking garage, you can follow the signs marked "Oplaadpunten" to the parking spaces with the charging stations. To charge your car, you will need your own charging card.


If you come to Erasmus MC by taxi, the taxi driver will drop you off at the Kiss & Ride zone in front of the hospital. Would you also like to be picked up again? Then clearly indicate at which entrance you are waiting.

If you are a customer of taxi company Trevvel (Dutch only), you can easily book your return journey at the Trevvel registration column. The column is in the waiting area at our main entrance. After registering you will immediately see what time your taxi will arrive.

Taxicab monitor

Frequently asked questions

Questions about an appointment?

First, read our general information on how to create, modify or cancel an appointment.

Please note: To make an initial appointment you need a referral letter.

Call your outpatient clinic

Call your outpatient clinic if you have any questions about:

  • Permissions and recipes
  • Appointments

Medical questions

Caution: Medical questions should be asked directly to your medical specialist.

Medical specialist

Always contact your medical specialist through the appropriate secretariat. You can send a question by mail to your medical specialist using our medical specialists overview page (Dutch only). Your question will then be received by your medical specialist's secretariat..

Information for Referrers

Are you a referrer and do you have a question about your patient's referral?

Then look at our special page for Referrers (Dutch only).

Facebook page Erasmus MC

You can also ask your question via the Messenger on our Erasmus MC Facebook-page..


Any questions or comments?

Please use our contact form.

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