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Extra travel time due to roadworks on the Westzeedijk

April 25, 2022

From 16 July to 16 October road works will take place on the Westzeedijk, including near the Westzeedijk parking garage (which will remain open during the road works). The activities will have an impact on the Erasmus MC staff, patients and visitors.

Extra travel time

The road work will have consequences for motorists and tram passengers who want to come to Erasmus MC. Please take into account that the tram routes will change between July and October. Those coming to Erasmus MC should take into account extra travel time.

Tram tracks and asphalt

During the road works, RET will renew the tram tracks at the Vasteland - Westzeedijk - Scheeptimmermanslaan junction. The municipality of Rotterdam will replace the asphalt on the northern carriageway of Westzeedijk, from the Vasteland junction to Drooglever Fortuynplein.

Traffic flow

The municipality will also improve safety and traffic flow for cyclists and pedestrians at the Vasteland - Westzeedijk intersection and renew the entire traffic control installation at the intersection. Besides, the water pipe that crosses the tram line on the Westersingel will also be replaced.

Current info

Because the road work takes place in different phases, detour may change. Check the latest information on the websites of RET and Rotterdam City Council before you leave. We will publish the links to the info of the municipality of Rotterdam as soon as they are online. You can already download the RET Realtime app and consult the Rotterdam Onderweg website for the most up-to-date information on detour.

Signs and signage

The municipality will indicate the alternative route for motorists by means of signposting. For vehicles coming from Drooglever Fortuynplein towards the logistics center, a height restriction of maximum 3.90 meters applies.

Updates and extra information can be found on the website of RET and Rotterdam City Council.