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Tree 'Daniel' moved to Zuider terrain

March 18, 2022

Under the watchful eye of a real tree expert the old 'Daniel tree' was moved this week. The tree stood next to the Daniel den Hoed Family House and was given a beautiful new location a few hundred meters away on the Groene Hilledijk.

The tree is planted on the site in front of the Zuider Gymnasium, where the Zuider Hospital was located until 2011.

In due course, a memorial will be placed near the tree, an idea of a neighborhood manager that is being further elaborated. This will be done in cooperation with, among others, the Municipality of Rotterdam, Inloophuis de Boei, Family House, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute and Impact Vastgoed.

A year ago I was emailed by Impact Vastgoed, who had understood from the community manager that there was a need for a memorial site,' says Erna Elfrink, program manager of the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute. Not only for the Daniel den Hoed Clinic, but also for the Zuiderhospital. Rotterdammers have some nice experiences there, but also often very tough ones'.

The city council wanted to know whether the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute was open to the idea. ‘Of course we were open to it. We think it's important for our patients, but also for our employees, who have worked in the Daniel for years.’

It is not yet clear how and when the memorial site will be laid out. ‘We are thinking about a bench, a work of art or a plaque.’

The next phase of the new residential area 'Zuiderhof' will be built on the old location of the plane tree on the grounds of 'de Daniel'.

Watch a movie about the relocation of the plane tree here.