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Erasmus MC Academy

What is the Erasmus MC Academy?

Our main task is providing professional development for all healthcare workers. We offer you the opportunity to improve and expand your patient care knowledge and/or skills. In addition, we also provide advice for training programs, human resource development, and accreditation applications. We also act as an intermediary between Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, regional training centers (ROCs), and healthcare professionals at Erasmus MC.

What makes us special?

We work with professional experts for educational development and with clinical experts for high-quality education. Our close links to professional practice means that we can quickly adapt to developments in healthcare. We provide support to HR developments on the labor market with capacity planning, and we consolidate expertise in the field of HRD.

We collaborate closely with external healthcare institutions so that we can actively respond to developments in the healthcare field. Finally, we also work closely with various parties engaged in education at Erasmus MC, such as the Education Policy and Advice department.

Who can benefit?

We have programs for:

  • School leavers
  • Deans
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Trainers
  • Erasmus MC employees

What we offer

In addition to our regular programs, Erasmus MC Academy can also offer tailor-made training programs. Our wide range of programs train students for a large variety of positions in the hospital. Our current range includes 30 follow-up training programs for nurses, four medical support staff professional training programs, and three counselor programs.

Our training programs are linked by the fact that they have all been developed as an in-service model. ‘In-service’ is a kind of work-based learning. All the students are employed by a healthcare institution. Erasmus MC and partners in the healthcare field work together in this work-based learning to support the healthcare professional during the training program. Professional practice determines the form and content of the training programs.

Furthermore, Erasmus MC Academy offers a large number of tailor-made professional programs and courses, such as:

  • Management development
  • Personnel policy
  • Knowledge and science
  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • Resuscitation
  • Restricted operations