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International Office

The International Office helps new employees and (exchange) students prepare for their journey and stay. Students from the Netherlands who want to study abroad are also welcome to contact us. If you are accepted for a (PhD) position at Erasmus MC, you will be contacted by a Human resources employee of the International Office of Erasmus MC. The employee will help and inform you about the procedure to be followed. The process is presented below.

Procedure Residence Permit


In case you are in possession of the citizenship of an EU Member State you will be able to live and work in the Netherlands without a residence permit. Go to Dutch Municipal Personal Records Data Base and Health Insurance for more information.

In case you have a non-EU nationality a residence permit will be mandatory. The application for this permit and (if applicable) a visa will be done by the International Office. Go to Start Residence Permit to know more about the application. 

Residence Permit

Our colleagues at International Office will contact you by e-mail to start the application for a residence permit. The person will ask you to submit several required documents (see Required Documents for Residence Permit) and to complete two forms which they will send to you. These documents are needed to succeed the application at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). After approval has been given, you are able to apply for an MVV at the embassy in your country of origin.

Required Documents for Residence Permit

Below a list of required documents that you need for the International Office in order to prepare your application & registration is presented. All these documents must be translated into English, Dutch, French or German by an official translator.

  • A color copy of your passport (all the written and stamped pages); proof of a medical insurance with coverage in the Netherlands; If you don’t have one, you can arrange the medical insurance once you are in the Netherlands (you can enter the Netherlands with a travel insurance);
  • Proof of independent means: for example stipends, grants, sponsorship, periodical payments, a letter of appointment or a contract of employment. 
  • A copy of a certificate that proves that you have the appropriate qualifications for the research to be done; your diploma or university certificate. The diploma’s or University certificate must be approved by a notary or the municipality;
  • A copy of the research proposal, signed by your supervisor.

In addition to the above-mentioned mandatory documents, it is advised to submit 

  • A copy of a birth certificate (and if relevant: a marriage certificate), which has been legalized or provided with an apostille stamp for ascertaining personal details for the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). These certificates must be translated by an official translator in Dutch or English only.

Dutch Municipal Personal Records Data Base and Health Insurance

You will receive information about the Dutch health insurance system and registration in the Dutch municipal personal records database (BSN number) and about other matters that are relevant for coming to the Netherlands and the Erasmus MC.

Questions for Human Resources?

For more information about coming to Rotterdam and Erasmus MC and what to do before and upon arrival, please email our colleagues at HR.internationaloffice@erasmusmc.nl.

PhD Candidates

Pré-boarding PhD

PhD candidates follow the same procedure as mentioned above. However, next to this, the candidates will also have contact with a Buddy who will help you with setting up your stay and PhD before you start. More information will be presented soon on the website of the Graduate School

Hora Finita

To be admitted to a PhD track, several steps must be completed. This administrative procedure takes place through Hora Finita, this online registration system guides PhD candidates from their admission to their PhD track to the submission of their doctoral dissertation.

Read more about Hora Finita here.


Promeras is the representative body for all PhD candidates at Erasmus MC. Their main goal is to stand up for PhD candidates, their rights, may it be the rights to receive the highest quality supervision or the rights to have the best education. Promeras aspires for high qualitify and educaiton and organize social events to promote networking among fellow PhD candidates. Erasmus MC PhD candiates will automatically become a member.

Read more about Promeras here.

PhD Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus MC is the medical faculty of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Therefore, you also need to fulfill the procedure process of the EUR.

Read more about PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam here.

Read more about the Final Phase of a PhD here.

Don't forget the following

  • Degree  
    A PhD candidate must hold a MSc, MD or DVM degree. Candidates in health sciences will combine their PhD studies with a specialized master in health sciences
  • English Requirement
    A candidate must have an IELTS of 7.0 or TOEFL of 100, but during the PhD their English writing and presentation skills are further refined. More information is found here.

International Students

Degree Programs

Bachelor Programs 

Erasmus MC offers three Bachelor programs: Medicine, Clinical Technology, and Nanobiology. Clinical Technology is a partnership between Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), and Leiden University. Nanobiology is a partnership between EUR and TU Delft. 

Please note that the Medicine and Clinical Technology programs are only offered as a Dutch language program.  
For more information about our Bachelor programs, please visit the Erasmus University Rotterdam website

Master Programs 

Erasmus MC offers eight master degree programs consisting of three master programs and six research master programs: Medicine, Nanobiology, Technical Medicine and Clinical Research, Health Sciences, Infection & Immunity, Molecular Medicine, Neuroscience, and Genomics in Society. Technical Medicine is a partnerships between Erasmus University Rotterdam, Delft University of Technology, and Leiding University. Nanobiology is a partnership between EUR and TU Delft.  

Please note that the Medicine program is a Dutch language program and only available to students who have also completed their Bachelor of Medicine at Erasmus MC. 

For more information about our Master programs, please see the following link
For more information about our Research Master programs, please see this link

Exchange Programs


The International Office can help students find a clinical or research internship at Erasmus MC.  More information can be found about how to apply for such an internship on this website.

Please note that at the moment it is not possible to apply for a formal exchange where courses are followed for one or two semesters. 


If you are a student you can get in touch with the Erasmus MC International Office by sending an email to: internationaloffice@erasmusmc.nl. Please do not send an email to our other email address (HR.internationaloffice@erasmusmc.nl) as this address is meant for international employees and PhD candidates.