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The road to research master genomics in society

The road to Genomics in Society

March 4, 2024

‘Where to begin?’, was the pivotal question when Team GiS, alongside programme Director Sam Riedijk, initiated the development of the research master Genomics in Society. Armed with a clear vision, they embarked on a journey that required the collective effort of many, featuring both significant achievements and challenging setbacks. The idea became an NVAO accredited research master, supported by a road map outlining the steps taken to reach this achievement. Drawing from the shared experiences of all involved in this journey, Sam and team GiS produced a video to give colleagues and education designers with big ambitions a head start into establishing their own research master programme.



It takes a village

It started with the idea to train a new workforce of professionals that build bridges between genomics and society and who can make a positive societal impact, aligned with the evolving needs and values of society. However, the establishment of a research master is more than just holding onto a vision; it involves assembling a group of motivated individuals who bring their expertise, unique skills, and perspectives to the table. This diverse and dedicated village plays a crucial role in bringing the program to life. It is the collaborative efforts and shared commitment of everyone that transforms a vision into a tangible and impactful reality.

Sam and the GiS team could resort to domain specific support and expertise, but soon noticed a knowledge gap when it came to the question of how to create a research master from idea to implementation.

"Initially, we were not sure if we were the right people for the task, but we transformed into just that. It was never a matter of if we would make it happen, but rather when. The journey taught us invaluable lessons along the way, that we would like to share, with everyone that wants to create a research master program."

- Sam Riedijk

How to get started?

Watch the video showcasing the road map for setting up a research master, featuring the Research Master Genomics in Society. The video aims to share important lessons learned at each step of the way. From inception of the idea to gathering the right people who shape and fortify it, navigating through funding challenges, designing the curriculum and ultimately achieving accreditation.