Coverage and insurance

Coverage and insurance

Not all treatment and examinations are covered by all health insurers. We therefore always recommend that you check your health insurance policy before your visit to the hospital to confirm whether your health insurer has a contract with Erasmus MC and whether your care costs will be covered. If you are unsure, always contact your health insurer. If a medical specialist refers you to another care provider, the medical care you receive will not always be fully or partly reimbursed. This applies to every new healthcare need.

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Treatment in a hospital will only be covered if you have a referral letter. Your GP or specialist will provide you with a referral letter, or it may be sent directly to the hospital.

In this case, check whether the hospital has received the letter. A referral letter is required for each separate healthcare need. If you need to visit the hospital for another condition later, you will require a separate referral for this visit.

A referral letter is not required for emergency care.

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