List prices


Erasmus MC will charge list prices if:

  • your health insurer does not have a contract with Erasmus MC for your treatment
  • you require medical care that is not (or not fully) covered by basic health insurance (uninsured care)
  • you are uninsured despite the legal obligation in the Netherlands to take out health insurance.

Price lists

There are various price lists. The list that applies to you will depend on the starting date of your treatment (your first appointment at Erasmus MC):

Prices subject to change

The list prices have been carefully prepared, but we do not accept any liability whatsoever for errors or omissions in the published price list.
Should nationwide or internal developments prompt changes to this price list, Erasmus MC retains the right to do so.

If there is a price difference between the time at which the price was requested and the time at which the treatment was started (the first visit to Erasmus MC) then the price at the start of treament is applicable. * For expensive medicines the maximum fee as set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) always applies.

List prices for primary physiotherapy

Primary physiotherapy 2019


For questions, please contact the staff at the Accounts Receivable department. They can be contacted Monday to Friday from 9am to 12 noon at +31 10 703 18 88 or via the contact form on this page.

Read more about costs for medical care and payment here.

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