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Terms and codes on your invoice

Terms and codes on your bill:

  • Date: the starting date of the DTC healthcare product. This is usually your first appointment in our hospital and can be an outpatient clinic appointment, a laboratory examination, a day patient stay or a longer hospital admission.
  • Costs: the hospital costs.
  • Completion date: The completion date of your treatment. If the starting and completion date of a treatment are more than 120 days apart, you will receive a bill for the first 120 days. You will receive another bill for that part of the treatment taking place after these 120 days.
  • Referrer: a code indicating who the referrer is. For example: hospital (internal referral), patient (without referral), primary care (e.g. GP) or a medical specialist.
  • Hash code: verification number for the insurer.
  • Sub-care pathway number: a unique number associated with a particular period of care in the hospital. You may receive an interim bill during a care period. The period of the care billed is called a sub-care pathway.
  • Diagnosis type: the diagnosis that denotes the care given.
  • Type of care: indicates whether the care provided is standard care (patients’ first visit for a particular condition) or follow-up visits (check-ups) or peer consultations (care provided by a specialism other than the main specialism where patient is undergoing treatment).

Your bill may also include the following types of appointments:

  • Telephone consultation: consulting a care provider (e.g. a specialist or nurse) by phone. This is only possible for follow-up appointments.
  • Written consultation: consulting a care provider in writing (email or chat). This is only possible for follow-up appointments.
  • Screen-to-screen consultation: a video appointment with a care provider.

For any questions on bills, please contact the staff at the Accounts Receivable department.

They can be contacted from 9 am to 5pm, Monday to Friday at +31 10 703 18 88. You can also fill in the contact form below.

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