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Research group/lab

Bench-to-bedside MRI biomarkers

Development of advanced MRI techniques for clinical use.

About our research group/lab

Our research

Development, validation, and application of novel MRI biomarkers

We aim to have novel imaging techniques reach the clinic faster to the benefit of the patient, which means that key in our research line is creating a setting in which novel techniques are optimised, validated, and applied in a clinical setting. As examples, two of our running projects focus on optimisation of novel MRI techniques:

  • Protein imaging with CEST-MRI
  • Oxygenation imaging with asymmetric spin echo and arterial spin labelling

These projects include the design of a pipeline in which these techniques are applied in brain tumour patients and validated by histopathological analysis of brain tumour tissue in targeted biopsies.

Development and application of perfusion imaging

Our expertise further lies in perfusion imaging with Arterial Spin Labelling, and working towards application of this technique in clinical (research) setting. This includes a collaboration focussing on the introduction of ASL in the Rotterdam Scan Study, the optimisation of ASL imaging in research projects in the Stroke Centre, and the optimisation of the novel velocity-selective ASL imaging technique at the Erasmus MC. To further exploit perfusion MRI for the assessment of vascular health, my group also works on the development of doing respiratory challenges within the MRI environment with using the RespirActTM system (Thornill Medical, Canada).

Our projects

  • Making the invisible visible: CEST-MRI in brain tumour imaging
    Project funded by the Brain Tumour Charity for the development and validation of CEST MRI for glioma imaging.
  • Food for thought: oxygen delivery to the brain
    Project funded by the VENI vernieuwingsimpuls from NWO. Development and validation of oxygenation imaging framework.
  • Glioma MRI 2.0: A new EU-funded COST Action
    COST Action funded by the EU COST Association. This Action aims to establish an international network to improve glioma MRI diagnostics.


Collaboration within Erasmus MC

  • The research groups of MR Physics (Assoc. Prof. Juan-Antonio Hernandez-Tamames), Applied Physiological Neuroimaging (Prof. Marion Smits) and Population Imaging (Prof. Meike Vernooij), Department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
  • Neuro-oncology (departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Pathology)

Collaboration outside of Erasmus MC

  • Dr. Tobias Wood & Prof. Gareth Barker, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London, London, UK
  • Dr. Alan Stone, Cardiovascular Biomechanics Research Group, Lally Lab, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin, Ireland
  • Dr. Michael Germuska & Prof. Richard Wise, Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, Cardiff, UK

Funding & Grants

Our team

Yulun Wu, MSc
PhD candidate

Fatemehsadat Arzanforoosh, MSc,
PhD candidate