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Research group/lab

Image Guidance in Interventions and Therapy

Research focuses on image based navigation approaches and quantitative imaging biomarkers for therapeutic decision making.

About our research group/lab

Our research

Image based navigation

Surgical navigation systems permit minimally invasive image guided interventions in e.g. neurosurgery and orthopedics. These systems can not be applied in case of moving organs, such as the liver or the heart. Our aim is to enable navigation in such interventions, by integrating pre-operative information in the interventional images.

Imaging biomarkers

Our second aim is to support therapeutic decision making by computing quantitative imaging biomarkers. Such numbers, such as a collateral score from pre-operative CTA in stroke patients, or the ablation zone in RF ablation of liver tumors, may provide insight and support decision making in interventions.

Our projects

  • Dynamic roadmapping for PCI: providing continuous visualization of coronary arteries in X-ray guided coronary interventions.
  • Dynamic roadmapping for TACE: providing continuous visualization of liver arteries in X-ray guided transcatheter chemo-embolization.
  • Ultrasound guidance in liver interventions: exploiting 3D ultrasound for better guidance in TIPS and RF ablations
  • Improved CT guidance in liver tumor ablations: integrating pre-operative information during CT-guided ablations
  • Lumber Localizer: using ultrasound to localize the correct vertebral level for hernia surgery
  • Stroke biomarkers: developing novel biomarkers for treatment of stroke patients

Key Publications

For a full list of my publications, see Google Scholar.


Within Erasmus MC:

  • Neurosurgery
  • CMF surgery
  • Cardiology

Outside of Erasmus MC

  • LUMC (Jouke Dijkstra)
  • Philips Healthcare (Danny Ruijters, Martijn van der Bom)
  • PIE Medical Imaging (Jean-Paul Aben)
  • Quantib (Jorrit Glastra)
  • Imagine Eyes (Xavier Levecq)

Our team