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Research group/lab


The focus of our research group is on the etiology, natural course, diagnosis and prognosis of common age-related brain diseases.

About our research group/lab

Our projects

The main research areas

Are common age-related neurologic diseases, these include:
a) neurovascular diseases:
    stroke, including cerebral infarction and intra-cerebral hemorrhage;
b) neurodegenerative disease:
    dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease and parkinsonism, including Parkinson’s disease;
c) disorders of the peripheral nervous system (e.g., polyneuropathy);
d) headache disorders (e.g., migraine);
e) late-onset epilepsy.



Our team

Principal Investigator

M. Arfan Ikram, MD. PhD
Professor and Chair Epidemiology

M. Kamran Ikram, MD PhD
Professor of Clinical Neuro-Epidemiology


PhD student:
Cevdet Acarsoy
Brian Berghout
Tim van den Beukel
Camiel Box
Jacqueline Claus
Tosca de Crom
Ingeborg Frentz
Ilse vom Hofe
Merel Huijg
Duygu Kilinc
Maria Knol
Charlotte Menart
Mathijs Rosbergen
Marije Splinter
Amber Yaqub
Premysl Velek
Tian Xiao
Jing Yu

Post Doc:
Silvan Licher
Eline Vinke

Assistant Professor:
Gennady Roshchupkin
Frank Wolters