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Research group/lab  |  Tissue collector site for the Erasmus MC Central Biobank

Erasmus MC Tissue Bank

Making tissues collected for diagnostic purposes available for research following the appropriate rules and legislation, guidelines and standards.

About our research group/lab

Our research

The Erasmus MC Tissue Bank supports medical scientific research in Erasmus MC. It is part of the Service Platform Erasmus MC Central Biobank as collection site for tissues. The pathology FFPE archive serves as the main resource of tissues. To increase quality bio materials left-over from diagnosis are snap frozen to preserve morphology and biomolecules as native as possible without chemical changes due to a fixation process. All tissues are preserved  according to protocols falling under the departmental ISO 15189: 2012. It is also part of the Pathology Research and Trial Support (PARTS), which offers tissue specific services for research for reimbursement of costs.

Rules and regulations

The biobank works according to the rules and regulations that apply for using  human biomaterials and data for medical scientific research. The main stream is secondary use of tissues. When it is clear that tissue will be used for research and the scientists have patient contact, permission will be asked. However in case of secondary use it is not always possible to do that. Therefore patients can object to using their biomaterials, person unrecognizable images and or coded data for medical research purposes. Here you can read the information and in case you want to object fill out and send in the form.

Our projects

The biobank has been active in many European projects, like TuBaFrost, EuroBoNeT, ENCA, EEC, BIOPOOL, BBMRI and SPIDIA. Currently involved in H2020 SPIDIA-4P and Instand-NGS4P.

In SPIDIA-4P ISO and CEN documents are developed on the pre-analytis for sample collections as well as tools and procedures for implementation in-vitro diagnostics and biobanks.

Instand-NGS4P is a Pre-Procurement Project for improving patients' benefit from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) by developing an integrated and standardized NGS workflow and integrating information from gene testing, pharmocogenetics testing and e-medication.

The biobank also delivers both the Erasmus MC UMC coordinator and the Erasmus MC UMC Biobank coordinator for Health RI parelsnoer, For SPIDIA-4P, NEN commissioner for the ISO/TC212 and CEN/TC140 mirror committee.

In addition, the head of the Erasmus MC tissue bank has been president of ESBB and ISBER and is currently ESBB ambassador.

Key Publications


We work together with all Erasmus MC scientists that need tissues for their research. All researchers from within Erasmus MC are welcome to request tissues through sending in a filled out tissue request form request form. Scientists are also welcome to contact our staff:

Monique Oomen

Shazia Arshad

Peter Riegman

For questions on:

  • How to perform a request or put together a cohort,
  • What can be expect when using tissues frozen or FFPE
  • How to isolate DNA, RNA etc.that best fits your measurement
  • How to make use of tissues and PARTS
Any other technical tissue related question

Funding & Grants

European Commission funding

Our team