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Research group/lab

Research lab ‘Immunology and inflammatory arthritis’

The research lab is focused on early diagnosis of RA and to understand the molecular immunological mechanism(s) driving persistent arthritis. The Rheumatology Research laboratory is integrated into the department of Immunology

About our research group/lab

Our research

The research is focused on understanding molecular immunological mechanisms driving arthritis.

The lab focuses on the role and modulation of lymphocytes in the development of chronic inflammatory autoimmune-mediated diseases with focus on the IL-23/Th17 immune pathway and the role of T cell cytokines, receptors, signaling pathways in the development of chronic inflammatory autoimmune-mediated diseases.

To gain insight into these processes, we use material from cohorts and trials conducted in the department of Rheumatology.

Our projects

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Key Publications

Human Memory Th17 Cell Populations Change Into Anti-inflammatory Cells With Regulatory Capacity Upon Exposure to Active Vitamin D
Dankers W et al Front. Immunol 2019 Jul 17;10:1504

The IL-23–IL-17 axis in inflammatory arthritis
Erik Lubberts. Nature reviews Rheumatology 2015; 11, pages415–429 (2015)

Vitamin D in Autoimmunity: Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Potential
Dankers W et al. Front. Immunol 2017, Jan 20;7:697

How to Prepare Spectral Flow Cytometry Datasets for High Dimensional Data Analysis: A Practical Workflow
Hannah den Braanker, Margot Bongenaar and Erik Lubberts. Front. Immunol.; 19 November 2021

Funding & Grants

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Our team

Erik Lubberts, PhD

Anne-Marie Mus

Nadine Davelaar

Eddy Florencia 

Yi He

Sara Parsa

Bennie van Heeswijk