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Research group/lab

Hepatitis E virus and liver cancer research group

By understanding virus-host interactions, we aim to develop effective antiviral therapies and to better understand how hepatitis viruses cause liver cancer.

About our research group/lab

Our research

Viral hepatitis
Nearly one out of every three people in the world has been infected by HBV, and one in twelve live with chronic HBV or HCV infection. HDV co-infects with HBV causing the most severe form of hepatitis. Epidemics of HEV occur periodically throughout the developing world. In recent years, HEV infections also become a rising health issue in western countries. The disease burden of HEV infection is specific for pregnant women and solid organ transplantation patients. We aim to develop accessible and affordable antiviral therapies, with focus on treating HEV infection. 

Liver cancer
HBV, HCV and HDV infections are the leading cause of liver cancer in the world. We investigate the mechanism how these hepatitis viruses interact with their hosts to understand the cause of liver carcinogenesis. Secondly, we study the stem cell population in the liver to understand how these cells contribute to cancer development and whether can be therapeutically targeted. 

Our team

Wanlu Cao, PhD, w.cao@erasmusmc.nl

Jiaye Liu, PhD candidate, j.liu.2@erasmusmc.nl

Ling Wang, PhD candidate, l.wang.1@erasmusmc.nl

Ruyi Zhang, PhD candidate, r.zhang@erasmusmc.nl

Yunlong Li, PhD candidate, y.li.3@erasmusmc.nl

Yang Li, PhD candidate, y.li.2@erasmusmc.nl

Zhijiang Miao, PhD candidate, z.miao@erasmusmc.nl

Pengfei Li, PhD candidate, p.li@erasmusmc.nl

Qiuwei Pan, PhD, q.pan@erasmusmc.nl