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AC Imaging database
Research project

The Alzheimer Center Erasmus MC neuroimaging database

Status: Ongoing project

We are building a database of neuroimaging data from all patients visiting the Alzheimer Center, to facilitate biomarker research within and outside Erasmus MC.

What we do

About our project


The search for new biomarkers for different types of dementia is of great importance. Biomarkers are essential for improving (early) diagnosis of dementia and for distinguishing neurodegenerative from non-neurodegenerative conditions, as well as to identify targets for disease-modifying medication in order to halt or even prevent dementia in the future. Research on clinical neuroimaging data has provided many of such biomarkers, and may comprise many more still. 


In this project we collect anonymized retrospective neuroimaging data of patients visiting the Alzheimer Center Erasmus MC. These data are then made available for research projects within and outside Erasmus MC. 

The database

The database contains MRI, PET, and CT data of all patients with cognitive complaints that visit the Alzheimer Center and undergo imaging for diagnostic purposes, including imaging data that has been acquired earlier elsewhere. So far, the database contains almost 500 neuroimaging datasets from patients with Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia, Lewy body dementia, primary progressive aphasia, parkinsonism, and mild and vascular cognitive impairment. Scans are checked for quality and visually graded on markers of small vessel disease as well as incidental findings. New imaging data are continuously added. Basic clinical data per case will be added too.

Forthcoming projects

Thus far, samples from the Alzheimer Center neuroimaging database are being used for external and clinical validation of models of neurodegeneration in healthy aging, based on population imaging. 

Our research focus

Biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment

In the Alzheimer Center Erasmus MC, patient care is combined with scientific research in order to contribute to dementia care. The center’s ambition is to contribute to earlier diagnosis setting as well as the development of future therapeutic interventions for all types of dementia. The neuroimaging database contributes to both goals by facilitating biomarker research for earlier diagnosis and for identifying targets for disease-modifying medication. 



Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
Department of Neurology
Department of Geriatrics
Department of Epidemiology

Our team

Janne Papma

Rebecca Steketee

Daniel Bos