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Research project

Chair / bedside diagnosis of oral / respiratory tract infections identification of antibiotic resistances for personalized monitoring and treatment (DIAGORAS).

Status: Closed project

The DIAGORAS project is an EU H2020-funded project that was established to develop a rapid diagnostic ‘point-of-care’ device for detecting respiratory and dental infections.

What we do

About our project

Already in 2010, 52.8 million global deaths were associated with infectious diseases and concomitant antimicrobial resistance. In 2014, 5 billion cases of global oral infections were estimated -  the most prevalent chronic disease in the world. These infections are also accompanied by high socioeconomic costs (hospitalization, absence from work, burden on healthcare costs and insurance systems). Therefore, the DIAGORAS project conceived and developed a  prototype diagnostic device that will identify – within 1 hour – a wide range of viruses and bacteria responsible for respiratory and oral infections, including major viral and bacterial pathogens associated with global morbidity and mortality.

Our research focus

DIAGORAS Diagnostic workflowThe figure above gives a brief explanation of the DIAGORAS project.


  • Department of Viroscience
  • Department of Family Medicine
  • Department of Bioinformatics

Please refer to the online project information at:



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Our team

  • Dr. Wendy Kaman (w.e.kaman@acta.nl)
  • Dr. Astrid  Heikema (a.heikema@erasmusmc.nl)
  • Deborah Kreft (d.kreft@erasmusmc.nl)
  • Denise Vermeulen
  • Dr. R.ichard Molenkamp (r.molenkamp@erasmusmc.nl)
  • Dr. Andrew Stubbs (a.stubbs@erasmusmc.nl)