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Research project

DOERAK study: Children with obesity in primary care

Status: Ongoing (August 2019 - 2022)

DOERAK is a prospective cohort study with 2 year follow-up of 733 children in primary care to gain more insight in childhood obesity in primary care.

What we do

About our project

Children with overweight and obesity have a high risk of developing diseases. We want to gain more insight in health related problems of children with overweight in primary care.

Design: prospective cohort study
Population: 733 children (2 - 18 years of age); 18% overweight, 82% non-overweight.
Procedure: Children consulting the GP were included and anthropometry was measured. Number of consultations and accompanying diagnoses during the 2 year follow-up were registered. Children and parents filled out questionnaires including demographics, complaints, quality of life and physical activity and dietary behaviour at baseline, 6, 12 and 24 months. Additionally, children kept a physical activity diary during the baseline week, which was validated in a subsample with an activity monitor.

Our research focus

Primary outcomes

  1. Determinants of persistent overweight in children in primary care
  2. Policy of the GP in children with overweight / obesity?
  3. Quality of life

Secondary outcome

  1. Determinants of drop-out from a multidisciplinary intervention program

Our team

H. Hassan (PhD student), h.hassan@erasmusmc.nl
M. van Middelkoop (co-promotor), m.vanmiddelkoop@erasmusmc.nl
B.W. Koes (Promotor), b.koes@erasmusmc.nl
P.J.E. Bindels (Promotor), p.bindels@erasmusmc.nl

Contact address for the project: h.hassan@erasmusmc.nl.