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Research project

Halt & Reverse

The aim of this project is to clarify how proteostasis marker levels in serum and atrial tissue are related to initiation and progression of AF in patients.

What we do

About our project

What is the motivation for this research?
Despite years of intensive research, electrical and structural mechanisms underlying atrial fibrillation (AF) are unclear. Proteostasis markers such as heat shock proteins may be involved in a pathway that leads to structural cell damage. Activation of this pathway activates heat shock proteins, which has a protective effect on cell function of the heart. Patients with lower levels of proteostasis marker may be more prone to structural tissue damage and development or recurrence of AF.

OperationHow will you perform this research?
The HALT & REVERSE is a prospective observational study. Patients scheduled for elective open heart surgery, elective pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) or electric cardioversion are eligible to participate in this study. In all patients, proteostasis marker levels will be determined in blood samples. Epicardial or endovascular mapping is performed in patients admitted for cardiac surgery and PVI, respectively. In addition, in patients undergoing cardiac surgery, tissue samples of the atrial appendages will be collected. Up until 5 years after the procedure, patients are followed to monitor AF onset and/or recurrence.

What is the desirable outcome?
To understand the interaction between proteostasis markers and susceptibility to AF onset or perpetuation. This study could lead to the development of a novel treatment of AF targeting the proteostatis pathway.

Funds & Grants

Halt&Reverse is supported by a grant from the Dutch Heart Foundation.



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